Palmnest is an senior lifestyle solution geared towards assisting elderly/senior/limited mobility individuals. Provides support to people with age and health related issues and chronic disabilities. User can now update or log their condition related aspects hands free using voice assistants on smart speakers like Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google Home (Hey Google!) or use mobile app.

Upon completion of care monitoring sessions , SMS and pdf reports via email will be sent to care team members if any added via the mobile app and appropriate permissions are given by user.

It comes with companion app allowing the users and care givers to manage their health, allows the seniors to be in touch using internet enabled button. The app has integrations with other 3rd party devices like withings blood pressure, weighing scale, pulse-oxy and fitness/exercise apps like runkeeper. People who have chronic conditions like heart failure, diabetes, high risk blood pressure and who want to send daily messages or alerts to loved ones benefit the most from the platform. Home healthcare companies can use the platform to help their customers.

Price: Free+

Palmnest comes with 3 care plans for users with Heart Failure, Blood Sugar and High Blood Pressure to manage their health and keep their care team in the loop on their progress.

Its free to try . Enable the palmnest skill today