Babybeeps is our first AI NLP enabled smart and connected children health management tool for parents to monitor/track health and development related activities. It allows parents to update or track doctor recommended information like diaper changes, height, weight, head circumference,get growth percentile vs age, nursing/formula/breast milk feedings, track solids introduction and reactions ,sleep info, past & upcoming medications , medical conditions, get air quality info for parents from major indian cities (for kids who have asthma/pollution related allergies) and more. Its integrated with Alexa for hands free operation.

Alexa, how is Nathan? Our reusable babybeeps wearable temperature device enables parents to monitor their temperature continuously and receive alerts. For parents who has enabled alexa with babybeeps skills , they can request updates from alexa on demand




Intelligent virtual assistant to help parents : With care advice whenever they need. Request call back from home health care providers /hospitals with OPD/telehealth with internet enabled button