For Seniors Who Live Independently

Allows users to manage their lifestyle, chronic condition related aspects , reach your care givers or manage your smart home and many more all using hands free with voice assistants. Provides support to people with age and health related issues and chronic disabilities.

Voice enabled

  • Integrated with Amazon Alexa
  • Always with you . Never miss alerts/notifications

Lifestyle Management

  • For our Seniors in Independent/Assisted living communities
  • Manage your care activities in the day
  • Request assistance from care staff
  • Get lunch, diet restrictions and many other info

Smart Home

  • Control your smart home appliances
  • Automatically turn on your : Thermostat if its too hot or cold or humid.
  • Turn on your smart bulbs or switches when you move or if it gets too dark

Care Monitoring

  • Track your condition by period care monitoring sessions.
  • Medication reminders
  • Record and retrieve vital signs
  • just say "start glucose monitoring" or "start blood pressure monitoring"

Share Reports

  • Share your with your care circle
  • Care session , Medication compliance reports etc
  • just say "share reports"

Air Quality

  • Plan your day better with air quality alerts​
  • just say "get air quality"

Own Smart Home Speakers?

Voice experiences for the over-65

Enable Care Pod Action on Google Home

  • Ask care pod to get dining menu
  • Ask care pod to get care plan activities
  • Ask care pod what are my diet restrictions​​
  • Ask care pod to get care team information

Enable  Palm Nest on Alexa

  • "Alexa tell palm nest start heart failure monitoring"
  • "Alexa tell palm nest get air quality"
  • "Alexa ask palm nest need assistance with medication"
  • "Alexa tell palm nest get current medications
  • "Alexa tell palm nest get apartment information"