We are a consumer healthcare solutions company specializing in providing voice driven AI solutions for parents to manage their children’s health , elderly and chronic care  management using wireless and internet connected device and apps.

Babybeeps – Voice driven AI solution for parents to manage children health

Babybeeps is our AI NLP enabled smart and connected children health management tool for parents to monitor/track health and development related activities. It allows parents to update or track doctor recommended information like diaper changes, height, weight, head circumference,get growth percentile vs age, nursing/formula/breast milk feedings, track solids introduction and reactions ,sleep info, past & upcoming medications , medical conditions, get air quality info for parents from major indian cities (for kids who have asthma/pollution related allergies) and more. Its integrated with Alexa for hands free operation.

Babybeeps now works with Alexa

“Alexa, tell baby beeps first child is 25 pounds”
Alexa, ask baby beeps to get vaccinations for first child”
Alexa, tell babybeeps Bottlefed eight ounces of formula at ten pm for first child


Baby’s care: feeding,diapers, sleep schedules, developmental milestones, medication and growth charts. Health Break Additionally if you are from Asian countries like India, it also gives health outbreak alerts and air quality alerts.

+ Maintain complete digital health record of the baby.
+ Track baby’s feeding, CDC developmental milestones , immunizations , sleep , growth charts
+ Take notes on moments that matter, upload photos about baby
+ Health outbreak alerts for parents (Only available for users from Asian countries like India)
+ Air quality alerts for parents of children who have Asthama/COPD issues (Only available for users from Asian countries like India)..Coming soon for others.
+ Complete PDF summary of daily and weekly summaries of your baby’s feedings, activities and milestones
+ Check list of all milestones achieved and milestones yet-to-come
+ Record baby’s temperature, medicines taken and symptoms
+ Connect with our Telepediatrics doctors (For users outside US and non emergency issues)

Price: Free+

PalmNest – Voice driven AI solution for elderly and chronic care management

PalmNest is care communication and coordination product with chronic condition tracking features. Senior citizens who either have limited mobility or suffering from the chronic conditions like heart failure or diabetes benefit the most. Solution consists of an android mobile app , internet enabled button and managing daily care monitoring aspects using Alexa integration.