Chronic Disease Management Platform with focus on  Cardiovascular Diseases and Sleep Apnea

Enables both Doctors and Patients to manage all aspects of care

 Detailed information and technical spec coming soon . Below are sample screenshots of the pulse platform 



Chronic Disease Care Platform for Managing CVD and Sleep Apnea

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Provide an affordable chronic health management platform with initial focus on CVD and Sleep Apnea for all ages. We offer the first preventive care and early detection technology for hospitals to  identify high risk patients. 




Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur and technologist with background in semiconductors and design automation. He previously held various R&D, Pre-Sales and CRM roles at Sigma,Cadence,Magma and Atrenta. Actively mentors many young professionals and advises other startups in Software, consumer electronics  and healthcare domains.  Holds MSEE from Portland State Univ and BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Anna University, India



Expert in Semiconductors and Design Automation. He has earned his Post Graduate Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California. He has held various design, pre-sales and post-sales roles at Magma and Synopsys. His interests are Semiconductor, Digital Health Care and Sports.


Embedded Architect

Expert in Telecommunications and enterprise  products. Experienced in all stages of Product Development, successfully introduced and supported products at big and small companies. Lead and Mentored teams spanning different geographies. Ravi holds MBA from Babson College, US , MTech from IIT Kharagpur and is a Gold Medalist from Andhra University.


Software Developer
Domain expert in healthcare and pharma IT  . He has been instrumental in developing many clinical trials . Expert in project management of E2E (End-to-end) study trials. Well versed in designing eCRF (Electronic Case Report Forms) . Hold BS in Computer Science from Anna university, India


Software Developer
An Information Technology specialist with expertise in  in Database Development and Design on IBM technologies and has held various R&D roles over the course of 8 years. He was previously with Satyam Computer Services. His current interests include mobile technologies and Enterprise architectures. He is also a longtime advocate of open source systems. In his spare time, he enjoys photography and studying historical geography.   He hold BS in Mechanical Engineering from Andhra University, India.


Embedded SW Developer
Embedded developer experienced in Medical Devices , Healthcare IT and Smart Energy management domains. Expert in developing and implementation of protocol stacks like Bluetooth, Wi-fi, 3G and Zigbee etc. He hold Masters degree in VLSI systems and Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics engineering from JNTU, India.


Mobile Developer

She hold bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from JNTU , Hyderabad, India. Prior joining Sensory Health Systems, she was a software developer at Google.


Mobile Developer

Domain expert in Healthcare IT especially in implementation of the backend frameworks for continuous monitoring technologies and in Mobile App development across various Mobile OS. Hold BS in Computer Science from Andhra University, India.


He hold bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Andhra University, India. Prior joining Sensory Health Systems, he was Voltas India and heled various product and field application engineering roles.

Dr.Pranav Nanavaty

Chief Medical Advisor

Cardiologist with 30yrs experience.



Marketing & Business Development : We are looking for atleast 4+ experienced marketing professionals with experience in marketing newer medical device technologies in Healthcare sector in India.  Ideal candidates would have Bachelors degree in Engineering or related discliplines  and MBA from decent university . Masters candidates in  Public Health or related fields will also be considered.  

Typical Responsibilties would include :

1. Content Marketing & Social Media Management
2. Product Presentations , brochures/whitepapers/collateral development
3. Competitive Intelligence
4. Market Research
5. User Acquistion
6. Customer Development
7. Trade shows and conferences

Proven customer management and communications skills
Excellent communication, technical writing and presentation skills
Strong problem solving skills and ability to apply critical thinking
Ability to work independently, proactive, multitask effectively and exhibit strong influencing and leadership skills with a strong customer orientation
Disciplined and result oriented, ability to HEAVILY multitask

This position can be based in Hyderabad or Ahmedabad ,India. Will consider candidates from other locations. Some light travel is necessary. Exceptional fresh grads who passed out in last 1-2yrs 

Please send email to info at sensoryhealth dot com with salary expectations.


Brand Designer

We’re looking for a Brand Designer to help us bring a brand-savvy perspective to the work we do and help us create a lasting impression in the market. We need a great storyteller with very strong graphic design skills who loves conceiving and designing creative work, whether in print, web or film, from start to finish.

Typical Responsibilties would include :

  • Work with the team to design campaigns that take into account each customers’ clinical setting, culture and brand positioning to craft the most compelling and enticing introduction 
  • Design a variety of creative campaigns  that help share our brand’s purpose, value propositions and thought leadership with the world in new and compelling ways.
  • Oversee production on a variety of brand design pieces (film/web/mobile) that highlight  SHS vision , products and how their products help the users.
  • Ensure all our brand touch points including our website, our marketing materials, our sales process, our office culture, etc. are a coherent and compelling reflection of our brand strategy and vision.
  • Contribute where needed in our dynamic small company environment.

Requirements :

  • Background in design and comfortable with user-empathy approach to design thinking.
  • Excellent communicator and collaborator with strong conceptual and visual storytelling skills.
  • Understands principles of visual and interaction design – strong layout and typography skills.
  • Develops ideas via brainstorming, thumbnail sketches, iterations, prototypes, wireframes and mock-ups.
  • Experience with a variety of media type (print, web, film, animation) and software (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). We’re looking for obvious talent in at least two or more of these disciplines.
  • A self-starter and problem solver who is comfortable delivering excellent work without much handholding from management. This is an opportunity to really own and drive your experience with us!
  • Organized and able to juggle multiple projects and deadlines.

We are happy to consider even fresh grads.  If you have a portfolio or even a blog where we can see your ideas/thoughts etc , please include it when you apply. 
Please send email to info at sensoryhealth dot com with salary expectations. This position is based in Hyderabad,India.


QA Engineer :

Are you a fixer or problem-solver? Do you get excited when you get to the root of an issue or break things? Sensory Health Systems  is looking for a Quality Assurance/Test Engineer to oversee testing of our mobile app and web-based platform. Were looking for someone detailed oriented and inquisitive, who can help find and resolve issues in a complex web, mobile, and data platform at scale. The ideal candidate will have experience with the following areas:

  • Mobile App Testing: UI testing (manual and automated), Automating through testdroid, battery-life for  Android, and other smartphone platforms
  • Web Testing: cross-browser rendering, JS and CSS testing, HTTP interactions, API endpoints
  • Formal Software Engineering: computer science training or previous professional experience as a QA/test engineer is a plus
  • You must be well versed in JAVA and JUnit, Creating automation infrastructure and develop continous integration infrastructure.
  • Creating builds with gradle (even if you know maven, it will suffice)  and familiarity with the document oriented databases like couchdb . 


  • Work with the product and engineering team to ensure that all products are of the highest quality before launch
  • Document common issues and their solutions
  • Contribute fixes and enhancements to our Java/Jquery/CSS/HTML codebase
  • Play point on coordinating the testing process for new products
  • Provide input on how to improve our products and our processes

Please send email to info at sensoryhealth dot com with salary expectations. This position is based in Hyderabad,India.


Internships :
We have few internship positions available in the areas of  Mobile Dev (Android and Windows), Public Health Management, Marketing, Data science, Embedded, project management and community development manager . These are unpaid positions and typical duration will be 3-6 months range and possibly can extend . You need to be committed and have passion to learn and deliver in timely fashion. Preference is for candidates based in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, but would be happy to consider locations as well . When applying please mention your area of interest along with your resume.  Please send email to info at sensoryhealth dot com





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